About STENTOFON® Technology

STENTOFON designs its technology on two levels. On a hardware level it will make sure that our products comply with the highest quality standards. We achieve this by testing our products thoroughly and by using the best components available. Our product range offers stations suitable for any possible type of environment.
On a software level we make sure that our products are easy to use and easy to set up. We achieve this by keeping our own software as simple as possible but also by paying attention to common protocols in the security and telecom market such as .NET, OPC, SIP & IP. It is only by combining the best quality with the cleverest software that we are able to hold our place as a fore-runner in intercom technology.

CCoIP on a backwards compatible system
We introduce new technologies into the market, but we will always make sure that these new technologies are compatible with the older systems. CCoIP, or Critical communication over IP, is a concept that stands for a communication system running only on the IP standard. Our latest intercom stations are entirely IP based which means they support power over Ethernet and use the LAN to connect the server. Our AlphaCom server supports IP technology but can nevertheless integrate with old intercom products such as TouchLine and Ringmaster. We offer a wide range of intercom stations based on either analog or IP technology.

Audio quality
Our stations offer the highest audio quality available in intercom. Our IP stations go up to 7 kHz and our analog stations can go twice as high, up to 14 kHz.

Special purpose stations
STENTOFON is often the preferred brand for large projects such as hospitals, detention centers and industrial sites. Not only do we comply with the vigorous quality standards of the markets, but we have developed intercom station especially developed for their needs. We have master stations with a special anti-bacterial coating for operation rooms. We developed intercom stations for prison cells which are equipped with music distribution, light control and scream alarm. These are just a few examples.

Integration with other communication devices through an open platform
STENTOFON understands the importance of other communication solutions in a security system. Therefore we have developed an open platform on our AlphaCom exchange in order to integrate as many technologies as possible. Our AlphaCom server is designed to support the IP protocol which means it will also support new protocols based on IP. Using the power of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), AlphaCom integrates with portable and mobile phones, allowing these to function as intercom stations. STENTOFON also offers hardware components to integrate with telephones, GSM and radio technologies.

Integration with other systems through open standards
Most security systems are managed with a building management solution that combines all the features such as CCTV, Access Control, fire alarms, intercom…STENTOFON has its own OPC server so it can integrate as easily as possible with other systems. We have also created an event handler based on the Microsoft .NET technology. The event handler is unique in the world of intercom. It is what gives the exchange its flexibility and makes it possible to meet most, if not all, customer requirements.

Distance is no longer an issue
Thanks to IP, exchanges located all over the world can be connected through fiber optics, coax or even the internet, this technology is called AlphaNet. The AlphaCom exchange has a wide of monitoring and logging features such as (Syslog, Web, SMTP, SMS…) all these features can be set up remotely and crucial logging information is distributed in a matter of seconds to anyone who needs to receive this info, regardless of the distance.


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