Airport Communication

STENTOFON communication systems have helped to secure airports throughout the world for many years. Whether the requirement is implementing basic communication functions in a small local airport or commissioning the communication system in a major international hub, Zenitel’s STENTOFON systems have the flexibility to provide a tailored communication solution, both via conventional analogue links and over IP. The entire system is capable of handling up to 60,000 calls per hour.

Visitor Communication

Visitor Communication            

Help and Information Points throughout the airport

Almost all airport facilities are located on vast premises. Information points and emergency stanchions spread all over the parking area, the terminals, the departure/arrival halls provide essential services to the passengers. STENTOFON emergency stanchions are configured to immediately override the system, allowing instant access to the guard room. Integrated with a CCTV camera, the guard instantly sees and hears what is going on whenever the button is pushed.

Maintain Rights of Disabled

The STENTOFON Airport solution complies with regulation (EC) No 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air


Airport Operations

Airport Operations            

Staff communication

  • Clear, effective and hands-free communication
  • Priority setup of critical calls
  • Call queuing - no lost calls or busy tones
  • Interfaces to Emergency Services – fast
  • Radio communication for mobile ground operation staff
  • Interface to air radio

Simple internal communication

Staff working at an airport, including those working for airlines and air freight carriers can all use STENTOFON systems for simple but invaluable internal communications. AlphaCom systems already installed are used for Public Address gate announcements, gate and check-in desk communications, communication with security staff, baggage areas, airline back offices and more. 

STENTOFON AlphaCom supports many hundreds of user terminals which can be strategically placed and programmed with 'priority set-up', those with customer facing positions sited at ticketing, check-in, baggage handling and customs particularly benefit from these capabilities, in addition to the impressive feature list.

Increase your capability

Effective communications are a proven tool in increasing an airports capability to handle larger volumes of passengers and cargo. A STENTOFON system will not only expand an airports capacity to handle more traffic, it will also set an impressive standard for the quality of service staff provides to passengers. 

Robust Terminals

STENTOFON products provide an excellent service to baggage handlers, maintenance staff and all airport personnel in a hurry. The substations are strong and robust and are made to withstand rough usage. Special microphones which cancel out background noise make life much easier for the control room and loud external speakers do the same for baggage handlers on the runway.

These stations are also available as master stations. A full numeric keypad allows the user to choose which stations he or she wishes to address. The keypads have large call buttons so there is no need to remove working gloves while using the intercom.

Finally, the station can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, which is crucial under tarmac conditions. The open runway offers little or no shade, so on hot summer days it is crucial that the stations can withstand direct sunlight


Airport Security

Airport Security            

Crystal clear voice and seamless integration are crucial in emergency situations

Terrorism has become a big problem for airlines and air travellers since the 1970's. But even before then, STENTOFON has understood integrating voice into the security system prevents damage escalation by enabling people to ask and respond. Voice is an excellent notification mechanism in emergency situations as it can reach and inform all concerned people no matter where they are or what they are doing. Hi-Fi quality (15 kHz general audio interface), crystal clear voice is one sure way to enhance security, seamless integration through standard protocols is another. AlphaCom E interfaces with the PA system, TETRA and traditional radio, PBX, GSM, DECT and a host of management systems.

Remote control and surveillance

Remote control and surveillance provides control over all sites of the airport, even remote ones, and allows airport security staff to reduce stress and panic when guiding people in critical situations. It's only by efficiently involving people using interactive alarm and information points that airports can prevent crime by responding fast.

Security Announcements over PA

Leveraging over sixty years of experience in the field, STENTOFON systems interfaces with the emergency services, gives priority to security announcements, and provides voice evacuation of passersby from a critical area. Integrated with other security systems and devices, the guardroom has an eye, voice and ear, and can make security PA announcements from any intercom station or the PA system itself.

Thanks to IP network technology, STENTOFON PA system speakers can easily be installed in multiple zones, plus it is even more cost effective to have many small zones; the cost factor is solely the number of speakers, not the planning and wiring of additional zones. It is this kind of flexibility which is unique to a STENTOFON intercom system.


Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Following the successful upgrade to STENTOFON AlphaCom E in 2006, BCIA’s extremely high network capacity, critical communication system will now expand into Terminal 3. STENTOFON’s systems are used for Public Address gate announcements, gate and check-in desk communications, communication with security staff, baggage claim areas, airline back offices, etc.

The new system will extend its integration to the security system, the information system, the master clock system, access control, public address and a PABX system via SIP trunking.

In the future, integration to Cisco, TETRA radio and CCTV can be implemented, and special applications can be created by interfacing to other 3rd party systems as annual passenger throughput increases.

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