Public Address Amplifiers


  • The power amplifiers are designed to meet demanding environments
  • Make announcements to one or many zones
  • Central and distributed amplification
  • One loudspeaker circuit can be included in one or many zones
  • Bass and treble controls
  • Overload, fault indication and amplifier monitoring
  • 24 VDC/800 mA power is available on the back panel to feed external equipment
  • 120, 240 or 400 W power amplifier in a 19” rack housing
  • 100 V and 8 ohm output


The STENTOFON VPA power amplifiers are originally designed for use on ships, which means they are very robust and can handle mobile environments as well as stationary temperature controlled rooms. The amplifiers have to be installed in 19” racks and occupy 3 HU's with the addition of a single HU ventilation grid.

The amplifiers are protected against overload and short circuits. A temperature controlled fan ensures high reliability at high output level and low ventilation noise at lower output levels.

The amplifiers operates on 115/230 VAC mains with option for automatic switching to 24 VDC battery backup in case of power failure. The amplifier are supervised by a pilot tone to continuously check the signal path, and a fault will be reported by an indicator in front combined with a closing contact for external fault warning.

The amplifiers has a built in selectable chime.

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