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High-capacity, powerful exchanges allow trading systems to be built up with thousands of users. A comprehensive feature set, including group calls, all call, call forward, etc sits comfortably within the most advanced corporate communications environment. System integrity is enhanced with powerful site interconnection capabilities, alternate routing over IP and live fault management.

Stock Exchange Rapid broadcasts between locations are essential to avoid significant trading misalignments across the world’s leading exchanges. Internal communication systems can be networked within a building, across town or worldwide.

Bank Traders STENTOFON systems offer direct access keys for one-touch convenience allowing traders quick communication to other traders. In addition, traders communicate "hands-free" while freeing the turret for the trading process and reducing the overall noise level of the trading floor

Insurance Companies In STENTOFON supplied brokerage firms, throughout the day, local and global broadcasting and conferences provides market information where and when it happens. IT warnings on information feed issues reduced the risk of financial exposure and saves on penalties and interest charges.

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