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When it comes to providing a secure environment for all employees, customers and visitors, STENTOFON is the leading choice in building communications. All our systems meet the highest security requirements with superior quality, engineering, flexibility and integration.

 How to improve Building Security


When you add IP intercom and speakers to your building, your building becomes interactive. Security guards can talk to people they see on the video system instantly, regardless of distance. If the person is lost or simply needs assistance, it is easy for the people in charge to communicate directly. On the other hand, if a person has ill intent, security guards can interact and prevent an unwanted situation to develop. By combining audio, access control and cameras you get the ability to see, speak and listen. STENTOFON makes it simple to welcome, guide, help or warn people anywhere in the building or on the premises.

Download our solution sheet from the link below and find out how STENTOFON can improve any Building Security setup or project with VoIP, based on our Critical Communication over IP (CCoIP®) product range.

60 Years of Experience

60 Years of Experience

Public and private building security

For over 60 years, the STENTOFON brand of intercom systems has provided thousands of customers worldwide with communications for critical applications, including public and private building security. In addition to the numerous specialist buildings, corporate buildings, head offices, libraries and town halls around the globe also rely daily on STENTOFON. In the building security market, STENTOFON AlphaCom XE provides internal communication for reception areas and meeting rooms, external communication, door communication and for other public areas such as parking and elevators.

A total security solution

When it comes to choosing a communication system for these demanding environments, systems must be judged for speed of call setup, communication clarity, flexibility, reliability and ease of integration with CCTV, access control and alarm systems. These elements combined provide a total security solution. Nothing is faster or more reliable than intercom. VoIP technology allows the AlphaCom XE system to perform seamlessly over a building’s network, across town or worldwide. When communication is critical, look to the STENTOFON brand, the brand security professionals depend on.

The Voice in Security

The Voice in Security            

CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Burglar Alarm are some applications included in a building management solution. With STENTOFON, a voice can be given to these applications. This voice can make a difference when communication is absolutely critical.

STENTOFON offers a wide variety of stations and guarantees maximum integration flexibility into a building management solution.


  • OPC server to interface with building management software
  • IP, copper and fiber compatibility 
  • Exceptional audio quality (up to 16 kHz) Hands-free operation 
  • Simple to use and operate
  • Easy programmable features and functions
  • Tamper and weather resistant stations 
  • Rack and desk mount control room masters 
  • Sound detection
  • Emergency Call Units and Stanchions
  • Micro-zone Public Address
  • Remote programming and maintenance
  • Remote administration for firmware, software and database through IP
  • Support for redundancy


Federal Reserve Banks - Major cities across the USA

Thirty two of the thirty five Federal Reserve Banks in the USA use STENTOFON security communications, including Federal Reserve Georgia and Federal Reserve Michigan. The Federal Reserve System is a banking system with banks acting as fiscal agents for the US Treasury. Many use large AlphaCom systems integrated to the CCTV system, the access control system and DVR’s. Since all of the Banks have their own network, in the future it will be possible to connect all branches via IP for communication from intercom to intercom, on one common intercom platform across the US.

The Louvre Museum Paris, France

The Louvre Museum is the largest museum in the world, housing 35 000 works of art. The museum benefits from a huge security system and Security Officers account for over half of the Louvre’s 2000 employees. More than 200 anti-vandal door substations provide access control for Security Officers and personnel. Thanks to the interface with video function, the STENTOFON system restricts access to specific zones and above all, the storage rooms: the huge and sacred heart of the museum. The choice to migrate to a new platform was made for two main reasons: to open up the existing system to IP to cope with any increase in museum visitors, and to benefit from the new security this system implies.

Further References;

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  • Holocaust Museum, USA 
  • Stavanger Fire Brigade, Norway 
  • The Getty Center, USA 
  • The Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

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