CCTV Integration

CCTV Integration            

Talking cameras

CCTV is vital to any modern building management system. The challenge lies in using the potential of this technology as efficiently as possible. When you combine CCTV and intercom, you give your security system a “voice.” Providing security personnel with both sight and crystal clear audio, allows for a more accurate and effective security management system.

At the push of a button

As the size of the security installation grows with more CCTV cameras and intercoms, it gets increasingly harder for the control room operator to switch to the correct CCTV camera and intercom. The tight integration between the CCTV system and STENTOFON will automatically switch the video and zoom the CCTV camera into the location where the remote user pushed the intercom button. Furthermore, the operator will be presented with direct access button to the intercoms in the area he is currently watching on the CCTV video. This enables fast and accurate responses to any situation.

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