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When choosing a communication system for demanding environments such as a control room performing critical operations, an important criterion is the seamless integration of security devices. With speed and reliability being vital operational elements of a control room, nothing is faster or more reliable than a single intercom station handling multiple security applications such as CCTV, audio, access control, two-way radio and mass notification.

The STENTOFON AlphaCom is the most advanced VoIP communication system on the market today. Our wide-band audio, call set-up time (milliseconds) and flexibility is unmatched. STENTOFON utilizes a codec that allows for better frequency response than standard telephony. And when it comes to system logging and reporting, the AlphaCom is unsurpassed with its SNMP, SYSLOG and e-mail functions.


Control Room Stations

The STENTOFON Control Room Stations connects the control room with voice and audio. The Control Room gets access to telephone, public address and radio systems as well as intercom at doors, gates, and emergency points. The stations features advanced call queuing with priority, making it easy for the operator to fast and efficient respond to the alarms and events. With the large high contrast display with backlight these stations offer excellent readability.


Integration enhances security

Tracking, controlling and responding to events are accomplished more efficiently when all data generated is interfaced and controlled from a single point. The AlphaCom system offers centralized control over an entire security system through control room stations, PC based control handler software and interfacing to third management systems. AlphaCom seamlessly integrates with a range of systems such as CCTV, IP and PBX telephony, radios, DECT telephones, public address and access control. Through this integration, the AlphaCom functions not only as an independent communication system but as an integrated part of the control center.


Remote control and networking

The STENTOFON AlphaNet CCoIP technology allows each control room to support many sites and devices. Up to 552 AlphaCom exchanges and thousands of intercom’s can be connected to the control room over the IP network. This means that from a single security post, CCTV cameras, PA, barriers and door locks in a number of remote sites can be controlled with the push of a button.

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