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STENTOFON are proud to announce that we have been appointed the sole distributor of DNH loudspeaker products in Australia. DNH designs and manufactures one of the world's largest range of quality loudspeakers.

Since the company was established in 1946, DNH is renowned as a supplier of high quality products. All DNH products are engineered and designed in Norway, and almost 90% are exported around the world. In addition to the strong niche products such as flameproof, weather-proof, vandal-proof and shockproof speakers, DNH is known for its ability to tailor products according to the customers demands.

Due to the fact that DNH manufactures almost all the components of the speaker, "non-standard" require-ments such as special colour, special transformers and different cable entries can be supplied.


Used extensively in the petroleum industry, below is a list of companies who exclusively use DNH loud-speakers.

  Woodside Petroleum, Australia     - Laminara, Australia        
  Origin   Energy, Australia                - Mobile, Australia                
  Conocho Philips, Australia             - Gorilla VIII, USA           
  Hibernia Offshore, Canada           - Shell Platforms, Malaysia       
  N’Kossa,   Angola                           - Kobe, Congo                    
  Petrobras PXIII, Brazil                  - Petrobras PXV, Brazil
  Petrobras PXXV, Brazil                 - Petrobras PXIII, Brazil  
  Namorado 1, Brazil                     - Namorado 2, Brazil       
  Garoupa, Brazil                           - Pampo, Brazil             
  Petrobras PXIII, Brazil                 - AKPO, Nigeria                     
  Yadana, Mayanmar                     - Kazakhstan                   
  Britannia, North Sea                    - Statfjord, North Sea     
  Valhall, North   Sea                     - Ekofisk, North Sea              
  Oseberg, North Sea                     - Kvitbjøn, North   Sea              
  Piper Bravo, North Sea                - Åsgard B, North   Sea              
  Balder, North Sea                        - Brent, North   Sea             
  Ringhorne, North Sea                  - Gullfaks A, B, C, North Sea    
  Draugen, North Sea                    - Oseberg, L.Q, North Sea

For further information, don't hesitate to Contact us or alternatively visit DNH on the web.

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