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 Does your school, college or university have the security infrastructure required to handle a critical situation?

When a critical situation arises in our schools, colleges or universities, immediate action is required. This imposes a special responsibility for staff to act before the emergency services arrive. Effective critical communication solutions have become paramount in these situations to provide guidance and safety for students and colleagues at school and college campuses. Having an upto- date communication system can significantly reduce the damage and mean the difference between life and death.

CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm are all applications that create a safe environment for students and staff. With STENTOFON, a voice can be given to these applications. It is the full integration of all these applications into one solid solution that adds value to the school security system.

STENTOFON offers a wide range of products and solutions that integrates intercom with a security system. At the entrance, in the classrooms, in the parking or in the guard room, one can always rely on STENTOFON to provide communication throughout the entire building and its premises.

At the Entrances

At the Entrances            

Visitor registration

The STENTOFON Analogue and IP Substations serve several purposes at the entrance of a building. Its primary purpose is to register and identify visitors. The substation has a built-in relay switch and is connected to the electric door lock. The master station at the receivers end will send a signal to the substation to open the door. The substations can also be used as a short range PA station. This way messages can be broadcasted to people at the entrance gate.

Robust stations

The stations offer excellent audio quality and are designed to be used outdoors. They are built in stainless steel with tamper proof fastening screws, buttons and loudspeaker grills. For ease of operation, calls can be made to one pre-programmed location by just pressing the call button

Emergency and Information Points

Emergency and Information Points            

Improved service

Larger educational facilities such as universities often consist of several building and very large grounds. Information points spread all over the campus or school grounds provides a great service to the students and staff. New students can get directions, the staff can report irregularities, older students can obtain all sorts of information.

Emergency stanchions

In a very similar approach, emergency stanchions can be installed throughout the premises. They are configured to immediately override the system, giving access to the guard room instantly. A red button is often used to indicate the emergency role of the station. Integrated with a CCTV camera, the guard instantly sees and hears what is going on whenever the button is pushed.

STENTOFON products are especially strong in these circumstances. The stations are made of the highest quality and sustain the toughest environments. When they are activated they will operate even though they might have been unused for several years.


With STENTOFON it is possible to integrate these products with paging, email or SMS service. In case of a serious incident information can be distributed to not only inform the entire building or campus of the situation but also to provide crucial instruction to teachers and staff on how to protect the students.


Although the emergency and information points offer excellent security features, it is not suitable to address large audiences.

Public Address interface

When communication is critical, the quality of the message is very important. Loud and clear sound quality with two-way communication are factors that make a significant difference in case of an emergency. STENTOFON guarantees these qualities with their intercom stations, also when it interfaces with PA systems.

The STENTOFON hardware makes it possible to send audio messages to a virtually unlimited amount of PA speakers. It is easy to set up hundreds of micro-zones where speakers can be grouped and labeled with the same calling number. The PA system can be addressed from any master station anywhere in the entire system.

STENTOFON has its own excellent PA equipment, but it will interface with virtually any system. However, with the STENTOFON equipment, the same level of quality and performance is guaranteed.


University of Texas at San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

With over 28,379 students enrolled in 124 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, UTSA is the second largest component in The University of Texas System. UTSA serves the San Antonio metropolitan area and the broader region of South Texas.

To provide student, faculty and visitor security at the multiple building sites, UTSA installed a STENTOFON AlphaCom 138 and six AlphaCom M’s which creates a seven node AlphaNet.

The 2002 installation has increased student’s safety and security with the utilization of STENTOFON Emergency/Security Stanchions located around dorms and other buildings. All stanchions and substations located throughout the university provide emergency/security communications to designated master stations.

At UTSA all AlphaCom exchanges are in the process of being upgraded to the latest VoIP technology – STENTOFON AlphaCom. The AlphaCom will connect to the university’s IP network and allow for future expansion possibilities.

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