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Are you ready for the NBN?

NBN is coming - PSTN lines will be disconnected and NBN provided voice ports may not operate as planned.

NBN provides high bandwidth data networking, and 4G provides effective backup.

Opportunities now arise for upgrade of existing Lift Intercoms to IP using STENTOFON and Flowire.

The time is now to build a new Control Room solution around STENTOFON.

The Problem:

  • GSM solutions only provide highly compressed 3.1kHz voice leading to a step backwards for speech intelligibility
  • Traditional analogue solutions require trigger based testing of system health

The Solution:

  •  STENTOFON VoIP provides 7kHz High Definition Voice Quality, leading the way forward with an improvement in voice quality

  •  STENTOFON VoIP solutions are continuously tested for system health, with no additional software required

  •  Control rooms benefit from Digital communication with exceptional voice quality

  •  Maintenance staff benefit from immediate alarms based on service failures

  •  Building owners benefit from lower costs of ownership - no multiple phone lines, no phone call costs

  •  Lift Maintenance companies benefit from improved service delivery, faster call connection, better call distribution and packaged communications

  •  Single lifts can be connected via VPN to Control Room server

  •  Multi lift sites and existing STENTOFON sites can be connected via AlphaCom Networking to Control Room server

  •  Up to 254 AlphaCom's in a network, and up to 140,000 total intercoms in a network for nationwide coverage

  •  Share resources - Build local AlphaCom networks from a single AlphaCom server in a CBD


Upgrade your control room with STENTOFON AlphaCom and AlphaNet today


 Download Brochures & Datasheets here

  • Elevator communication is considered to be very critical, a good reason why it is governed by many international standards and regulations such as the 'Americans with Disability Act (ADA)' and EN81
  • With STENTOFON stations and kits it is always possible to supply lift communications systems which comply with rules and regulations



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