External Communication

External communication devices to transmit and receive commands, orders and instructions using GSM, the public telephone network or PABX.

  • Telephone Gateways

    Telephone Gateways


    • Connects STENTOFON AlphaCom system to external telephone systems such as PABXs and the public telephone network
    • Possible to share a gateway between multiple AlphaCom nodes (require VoIP AlphaNet license)
    • High audio quality supporting echo cancelling and default simplex switching
    • Web management for easy configuration and installation
    • Cost effective and high capacity, comes in two versions with 4 or 8 analogue telephone lines


    STENTOFON Analogue Telephone Gateways make it easy to connect your AlphaCom intercom system to the public telephone network or a PABX. The gateways come in two versions with 4 or 8 analogue telephone lines, providing a modular and cost efficient way of connecting to the external telephone system. Multiple analogue gateways can be added, if even more external lines are needed.

    In case your system consists of multiple AlphaCom nodes, it is possible to share gateways between them in order to further reduce telephone fees and save hardware costs. It is easy to make outgoing calls to telephones:

    1. Dial a prefix - wait for a dial tone - dial the phone number.
    2. A complete number can also be stored under a DAK key or a substation call button for direct dialling.

    Calls from the telephone system can be handled in three ways:

    1. A second dial tone is presented to the caller, then the caller dials the number identifying the station to be reached.
    2. The call can be forwarded to a predefined station in a control room or a switchboard. From there, the call is transferred to the right person.
    3. There can be a combination of these two – the caller may dial the wanted number after a second dial tone, or be transferred to a predefined station if no further dialling is made.

    The STENTOFON Analogue Telephone Gateways supports high quality audio due to the advanced digital signal processing capabilities of the AlphaCom and the Gateways. The gateways are easy to configure via a web-interface.

  • GSM Gateway

    GSM Gateway


    • Connects STENTOFON AlphaCom XE to GSM for making external calls
    • World wide GSM coverage using quad band GSM (800/900/1800/1900)
    • Easy to install, connects to STENTOFON AlphaCom XE over the IP network
    • Easy to use Web interface for configuration


    The GSM Media Gateway makes it possible to make external calls using GSM. The GSM Media Gateway makes it easy to connect the AlphaCom E to the public telephone network as it requires no telephone line.

    Each gateway supports one GSM channel and SIM card. If multiple GSM channels are required, up to 30 gateways can be installed. The GSM Media Gateway is easy to install. It connects directly to the local IP network and requires no other central hardware in the AlphaCom E exchange. The media gateway utilizes an external GSM antenna.

    Note! The antenna shipped with the gateway unit is for indoor use only. To configure the GSM Media Gateway a standard Web browser such as Internet Explorer of Firefox can be used. Via the Web browser you get access to all functions to be configured.

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