Power and data on a single pairflowire converter

  • One single pair of cable can be used to distribute power and data
  • The cable hauls can be longer, reducing the need for switches and/or repeaters
  • Up to 10 Flowire devices can be connected to the same 2-wire bus/star structure
  • Existing infrastructure can be used, even though only a single pair is available. This reduces the total cost of retrofit projects
  • The Flowire converter can be used with any Ethernet enabled device (not limited to STENTOFON products)


The Flowire converter enables ethernet to run on the same two wires as power, giving simpler cabling and opens up for longer cable hauls. The Flowire converter is also capable of powering the ethernet device attached to it, like CCTV and IP stations.

Retrofit any site

The need of modern technology verses the will to preserve our historical buildings, is becoming more and more apparent in today's tech savvy environment. Do you have the need to fit an IP or PoE device but no way of cabling it in?

FLOWIRE is the answer:

  • Replace an analogue phone with an IP intercom
  • bridge two buildings without the cost of fibre
  • fit CCTV to secure the building, the list goes on

All you need is two wires, a 48V power supply and a flowire converter kit and you can extend your IP network anywhere up to 2 km.

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