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Apr 19, 2016

Turbine Video Receives Most Valuable Product Award

Nov 24, 2014

Norway, November, 20, 2014 - Zenitel, a global leader and owner of the VINGTOR® and STENTOFON® brands of communication systems, is proud to announce the unity of these two brands into one – Vingtor-Stentofon®.

Sep 18, 2014

STENTOFON/Zenitel Announces Strategic Intercom Partnership with Genetec

Zenitel to Supply Integrated Intercom Systems with Genetec’s Open-Platform, Unified IP-based Security Center

Aug 8, 2014

Having a conversation in a noisy area is difficult enough when you are talking face to face with your partner, and can be virtually impossible when using a communications system.  Entry gates of car parks and toll roads particularly are difficult points to have a  conversation due to the noise of idling car and truck engines. What if this noise could be  suppressed, wouldn’t that make it a lot easier?

STENTOFON Active Noise Cancellation is a software feature for STENTOFON IP stations. A powerful DSP inside the station will measure the microphone signal and calculate the noise components in that signal. It will effectively remove unwanted noise components, leaving a clean speech signal even if the original speech level is below the level of the surrounding noise. The result will be a clear Open Duplex conversation even with a passing train in the background or talking from inside a car while stuck in front of a barrier.

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