High Availability and Redundancy

High Availability and Redundancy            

For several decades now, thousands of organizations have been relying on STENTOFON to give a voice to their security systems. STENTOFON continues to lead the field in communication solutions for facilities where the highest level of security is a prerequisite. We provide systems that will run consistently for many years without ever missing a beat.

STENTOFON – A Preferred Solution

This level of quality has made STENTOFON the preferred solution for organizations such as hospitals, prisons, power plants, banks, airports, and other high security facilities. Some of these organizations take it a step further by complying with the most rigid guidelines to underscore their quality of service.

We have a developed a high availability package for the AlphaCom E26 exchange. This package consists of an additional main processor board (AMC-IP), backup power supply, and fan units. The additional AMC-IP board will take over operation of the AlphaCom E exchange if the primary main processor card is failing. The power supplies are operating in a loadsharing configuration, where if one of the PSU's fails the remaining can provide enough power to still supply the complete exchange.

The STENTOFON High Availability Package...

  • Ensures if the main processor board is failing, it can no longer run the AlphaCom application, communicate with other IP nodes or access shared resources such as ASLT boards.
  • Restores the application as the standby AMC-IP processor board becomes the new active processor board, restoring the application in 90 seconds.
  • Restores IP addresses as the new active AMC-IP board will set its standby IP ports to active, thereby taking on the IP configuration of the other processor board.
  • Reconnects IP stations and VoIP AlphaNet links that were previously connected to the other processor board which fenced in will be reconnected to the new active processor board.

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