In 1946 a Norwegian man by the name of Otto S. Knudsen began producing life saving marine radios in Trondheim, Norway, leading to the production of radio sets, car radios and eventually intercom systems. This was the start of a company gaining international significance for its groundbreaking innovation, the STENTOFON intercom system.

Production of intercom systems began as early as 1946 but really picked up speed in 1960 with the launch of the STENTOFON ST30 intercom system. Export contacts were established with a number of countries and offices opened abroad in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, USA, UK, China and Australia.

The first Pamex models were released in the 1970’s and intercom development went into overdrive in the early 80’s with the microprocessor controlled systems. The primary product being manufactured during this time was the Pamex MPC/TouchLine that had much success until it was superseded by the AlphaCom system. The STENTOFON system is today used in wide ranging applications around the world.

All through these years, the STENTOFON brand hasn’t stopped seducing more prestigious and demanding customers such as Capitol Hill in the United States.

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