Hospital Communication

When it comes to choosing a quality communication system for hospitals or other healthcare facilities, the main criteria are call speed, communication clarity, ease of use, and reliability. An efficient flow of communication is fundamental to providing healthcare personnel with accurate and instant information.

STENTOFON offers a wide range of products and solutions that gives a voice to staff, patients and visitors. At the reception, the guardroom, in the corridors, offices or in the operating room, one can always rely on STENTOFON to provide secure communication throughout the entire facility. The STENTOFON intercom system has been proven to be an invaluable tool for daily operations and a lifesaver in critical situations.

Chemical Resistant Stations

Chemical Resistant Stations            

Anti-bacterial surface

STENTOFON chemical-resistant stations have an anti-bacterial surface and are specially designed for hospital operating rooms and other clean areas. To meet the requirements of these environments, the stations provide loud-speaking, hands free communication from any location in the room. Speaking hands free is a great boon to healthcare personnel as it allows them to speak and listen even while occupied with other tasks. The master station features four programmable Direct Access Keys (DAK) and an LCD display. It also has a Mylar covering to allow for easy wipe-down and sterilization.

The IP OR Master Station with display shares the same features as the conventional OR Master Station except that it also supports STENTOFON Critical Communications over IP (CCoIP®). It has a large high contrast display with backlight for exceptional readability. Due to its IP functionality, this station has no geographical limitations and offers remote software upgrades, configuration and monitoring.

Visitor/Staff information & Help Points


The reception

The reception is a vital information point for visitors, patients and staff. There can be several of these in large hospitals and are important communication hubs in the building. The reception informs the doctor when a new patient has arrived. It also provides information to family and friends of the patient. In case of an emergency, the reception has to be able to get hold of the right people as soon as possible, and if necessary, broadcast messages throughout the hospital.

STENTOFON offers products that are particularly suited to these kinds of tasks. Our Control Room Master stations can be extended with up to 100 direct access keys and integrated with PA equipment, wireless DECT phones, cell phones, pagers, and radio. The station is available both in analogue and IP versions and can be equipped with a gooseneck microphone and a handset.

Help points

Help and/or emergency points are integral to any critical communication system in hospitals. They are usually installed throughout the corridors, the emergency room, the car park, or at the entrance, etc. Help or assistance is just one button push away and calls can be placed directly to the security desk. CCTV cameras can be automatically triggered when a corresponding help point is used so the guards can also see what is going on.

The STENTOFON analogue and IP Substations are typically used as communication, information or emergency points, and offer the following features:

  • Priority of call
  • Two-way, hands free (IP) communication
  • High Power Lamp/Strobe flashes when activated for emergencies
  • Connection to external IP video camera
  • Superb wideband audio quality
  • Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring
  • Tamper alarm for additional system security

Security & Access Control

Security & Access Control            

The guards need to ensure the safety of the staff and patients and to prevent the theft of expensive equipment. STENTOFON Control Room Master Station proves invaluable as it allows the guards to address the PA system in case of an emergency.

Restricted areas

There are numerous restricted areas in hospitals that need to be monitored closely. A hospital relies on an advanced access control system to manage these areas. STENTOFON equipment can be easily integrated with the access control system. Restricted entrances to the hospitals are provided with intercom stations for extra security.

Parking facilities

The same solution can be used in the parking facility. Big hospitals usually have several parking facilities for visitors and staff. In order to manage all these, a smart, interactive parking solution is needed. STENTOFON gives a voice to the parking facility with the installation of emergency stanchions, help points, etc.


Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami, Florida – USA

When it comes to security procedures, Jackson Memorial Hospital is ranked among the best hospitals in America, and is an example of how to incorporate the latest technology for effective and enhanced security. To keep security and emergency processes in check, the hospital has installed access control, video and intercom at all entrance locations and migrated from conventional AlphaCom to IP. Over 380 tamper and weather resistant stations are positioned at every entrance and other high level security points. Since placing security guards at every entrance is impractical and cost prohibitive, security electronics were installed to offer the optimum security solution.

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To keep security in check, the hospital has installed access control, video and intercom at all entrance locations.

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