Redundant servers

  • Automates disaster recovery
  • Easy to setup and install
  • Made for Critical Communication over IP (CCoIP®)

High availability and fault tolerant solution maximizing uptime during:

  • System level failures
  • Environment-level failures (power outage, fire, earthquake, etc.
  • Planned outage for system(s) maintenance and upgrades

Protect your system with STENTOFON redundant server solution. The concept provides a 1:1 redundancy of AlphaCom XE servers allowing you to install the servers in separate racks or server rooms.

Having the AlphaCom servers in different racks or server rooms provides options for:

  • Have servers in different fire zones
  • Have redundant power sources
  • Do maintenance in server room (patch panels, power, etc) without system downtime

In the 1:1 setup the servers are setup as a high availability pair sharing the same configuration. One of the servers is operational, while the other is in standby mode. The solution automates disaster recovery. Change-over is fast. The total change over time depends on system-size. Normally it will take less than a minute for a full system with 552 IP-stations.

Audio Messaging

  • Support wide set of applications including auto-attendant, PA broadcasting, voice response and voice driven menus
  • Safe and reliable storage of audio message in flash memory
  • Easy to record messages from PC
  • Easy to initiate audio messages from 3rd party systems using OPC, STENTOFON SDK or STENTOFON Data Protocol

Both the Basic and the Enhanced Audio Messaging Licenses have the capability of storing and playing audio messages from the AlphaCom server. The messages are stored in safe and reliable flash memory on the main processor card. The feature set of the license is compatible with that of the ASVP card, but offers some important functionalities in addition.

The audio messaging license offers a wide set of applications and functions, some of which are:

  • Live PA and group call broadcast with recall for handling feedback and verifying messages
  • Prestored PA and group call broadcast
  • Scheduled or event-based PA and group call broadcast
  • Auto-attendant with voice guided menus for handling incoming calls
  • Voice response for call request waiting messages and absence messages
  • Integration with 3rd party systems via OPC, STENTOFON SDK and STENTOFON Data Protocol

When the audio messaging license is activated, the AlphaCom XE server will have a set of default messages such as absence, alarm and general information messages. It is easy to modify the default messages as well as to add new messages. Both new and modified messages can be recorded from an intercom station.

Furthermore, it is possible to create messages on a PC and upload these to the server via AlphaWeb. This means that you can use your favorite audio and music programs to create messages, which can then be uploaded to the AlphaCom server.

The audio messaging license comes in three versions – Basic, Enhanced and PA Recall. The licenses are different in terms of:

  • Audio storage capacity
  • Set of default audio messages
  • Interactive complex message generation (Enhanced License only)
  • Compatibility with hardware versions (see Specifications overleaf)

SIP Trunking

  • Connects STENTOFON AlphaCom to iPBX
  • Allows communication to analogue and ISDN telephone systems via gateways
  • Made for Critical Communication over IP - CCoIP®
  • High call capacity
  • Number and name presentation – see who is calling
  • Supports shared numbering plan allowing easy dialling procedures
  • Easy to configure, monitor and manage
  • Easy installation and networking – connects systems over IP
  • Digits during conversation, open a door by pressing 6

This SIP Trunk License makes it possible to connect AlphaCom directly to iPBXs over IP networks. SIP trunks give a seamless integration between the AlphaCom and other telecom systems supporting advanced functions like ‘see who is calling’ and shared numbering plans.

The SIP license is tested and verified towards several SIP systems on the market. Contact STENTOFON Support to get the latest list of equipment and systems AlphaCom is verified towards.

The license will operate on all STENTOFON AlphaCom systems and upgraded AlphaCom systems. It will give the users the reliability required in all situations with excellent sound quality and duplex hands-free operation.

AlphaNet and Multi-Module VoIP Licenses

  • Makes larger STENTOFON AlphaCom exchanges by using multiple exchange modules
  • Made for Critical Communication over IP - CCoIP®
  • Up to 4 exchange modules can work together in a multi-module exchange
  • Redundancy mode support
  • Very easy installation
  • Modular and cost-effective

The STENTOFON AlphaCom multi-module function makes it possible to increase the capacity of an exchange by adding up to four AlphaCom exchange cabinets together in a multi-module. The multimodule exchange acts as one node with full integration of all features. In the multi-module exchange one of the modules will act as master module and the others will be slave modules. The multi-module exchange supports redundancy mode. In case of master-slave communication error, the slave module will fallback to work as an individual exchange serving calls between stations connected directly to the exchange module. The system is very easy to configure – simply enter the IP addresses of the slave modules and connect the modules together via an IP switch. A license is required in the ACM master module. The license is linked to the hardware id (MAC address) in the master module and open up 30 VoIP channels in each ACM module.

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