Mass Notification


Mass Notification            

The objective of most mass notification systems are one and the same: to notify a large number of individuals in the shortest time possible.

Despite their similarity, the solutions differ in how they accomplish their objectives. As security providers, we are always looking to develop solutions to suit our customers’ needs. Providing a better solution is key to how an effective emergency broadcast system can help save lives in any kind of critical situation.

First we have to determine what systems and procedures need to be in place in order to attain the most effective results. Whether it’s a small factory floor or a large scale airport terminal, an effective and reliable Mass Notification System (MNS) is crucial to the safety and security of everyone concerned.

A Mass Notification System must be able to:

  • Provide an alert to the population as quickly as possible
  • Alert and inform residents in multiple areas
  • Provide door lock-down for vulnerable or targeted areas
  • Provide communications under conditions such as a downed telephone service.

Text messaging and audio alerts

The STENTOFON AlphaCom IP communication system enables text messaging (e-mail) or audio messaging alerts when an emergency occurs. This can be accomplished by a simple button push on any emergency substation that will automatically transmit an e-mail to numerous addresses to alert and allow for a pre-recorded emergency message to be broadcasted over a wide area. Additionally, the AlphaCom can be used to send or receive data commands to the access control system for door lock-downs to contain the spread of the emergency

STENTOFON Mass Notification System

Expanding Traditional Systems with IP

Through IP, AlphaCom XE improves cost-efficiency, installation, service capabilities and system operations. The AlphaCom XE also provides full backwards compatibility. New generation IP stations and services can be mixed with conventional analog ones, thereby capitalizing on existing equipment and competence.

Interactive Sight and Sound Security System

AlphaCom XE enhances integration capabilities by establishing a complete security environment. The key to improved security is to combine closed circuit television with two-way audio. The passive monitoring system becomes an interactive sight and sound security system. Overall, it delivers a fully scalable modular architecture to accommodate growth and change, offering a variety of features that can be added as needed, including networking capabilities to extend the system geographically and to interface with other systems.

Total Security Solution Using Open Connectivity Standards

Integration with STENTOFON works in two ways. One way is to integrate AlphaCom XE into a total solution. By use of standards such as OPC, it is possible to integrate the STENTOFON products into a full security package. The other way is to integrate another security feature into AlphaCom XE. STENTOFON supports the full integration of almost any Public Address system.

Expanding Mass Notification Coverage Using IP Public Address

The PA system is connected to the AlphaCom exchange server either via IP or analog connection boards. The AlphaPro software has a wide range of features to set up, manage and maintain the entire PA system. One feature is called the micro-zone. Speakers are “labeled” as part of a micro-zone where the zone will get an intercom extension. Whenever that extension is dialed from any station, only those speakers will broadcast the message. This makes it very easy to make local announcements at hospitals, airport gates, parking facilities, etc. A PA speaker can be a part of many micro-zones and AlphaCom supports hundreds of these zones.

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