Network Management

Network Management            

IT Integration and Operation

STENTOFON has addressed the challenges of managing equipment connected to dynamic IP networks. When connecting an audio security system like AlphaCom to an IP/IT network, a new set of opportunities and features arise that contribute towards new solutions.

STENTOFON AlphaCom management tools and services are proven to help optimize the total cost of ownership and provide operational efficiency. The system’s tools and services are easy-to-use and allow for the integration of the management and operation of the exchange with other IT systems.

Operational Cost Reduction by Integration with IT Tools

A real benefit of AlphaCom is the reduction of administration costs through the utilization of IT functions and tools. IT departments oversee the supervision, maintenance and fault handling of all equipment connected to the IP/IT network. Any downtime can be costly, requiring expensive and time-consuming repairs. The IP/IT network is a multi-vendor environment, requiring standard protocols for supervision and maintenance. AlphaCom supports industry-standard protocols for supervision and maintenance, making it easy to integrate with other IT systems.

Cost Reduction for Programming and Maintenance

AlphaCom incorporates an advanced network of monitoring and supervision functions providing quick detection, identification and fault repair. These functions are available through standard web browsers or network monitoring tools like HP OpenView.

Simultaneous upgrading of the AlphaCom network together with other components of the IT system reduces costs and enhances user experience. AlphaCom supports effortless web-based software upgrade procedures with cluster programming of the nodes. The system will automatically distribute software to all STENTOFON IP stations connected to each node.

Enhanced Network Security

Enhanced security is the most significant advantage of AlphaCom’s capabilities. AlphaCom has multiple levels of user authorization and login procedures while all software packages are checked for viruses before deployment. It has dual IP/Ethernet ports with a built-in firewall which allows for the separation of the physical security network from the IT administration network. IP forwarding is disabled to ensure that the exchange does not become a backdoor to other networks. Moreover, the IP stations have an adaptive end-node firewall.


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