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Remote Control and Networking

The STENTOFON AlphaNet CCoIP (Critical Communications over IP) technology allows each control center to support several sites and devices. Up to 254 AlphaCom exchanges and thousands of intercom stations can be connected to a control center over the IP network. This means that from a single security post, CCTV cameras, P.A., and access control can be monitored and managed all with the push of a button. The technology provides superb audio quality (15 kHz audio interface) as well as global conferencing and group call capabilities allowing the control room to connect to remote Public Address and radio systems.


Federal Reserve Banks - Major cities in the U.S.

The Federal Reserve is the central banking system for the United States. Thirty-two of the thirty-five Federal Reserve Banks in the U.S. use STENTOFON for their high-end security communications. AlphaCom systems are integrated with CCTV and access control for a comprehensive security solution.

 Autoroutes du Sud de la France (ASF) - South West of France

With a highway network of 3124 km, ASF is the largest highway operator in France and the second largest in Europe. ASF uses STENTOFON communications systems along highways, at toll gates and in offices. Fifty AlphaCom Exchanges have been installed and are networked together with all calls directed to one control center. Highway users can quickly and safely place an emergency call to ASF personnel for assistance.

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