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Zenitel launches new Turbine Industrial Station

Sep 26, 2014

Zenitel is proud to announce our new series of Turbine Stations for Industry.

The new Turbine Industry Stations are IP-based, in difference to the older Industrial intercoms which are analog. Turbine stations for Industry are made of robust and rust-free plastic made to resist harsh weather and challenging industrial environments. The intercom stations are bigger, more visible and easier to use for the industrial worker.

Zenitel’s Product Manager Tom-Andre Tarlebø is excited about the release.

“Industry is one of Zenitel’s five core segments and is one of our target areas. We are releasing this new Turbine Industrial series to show the market that Zenitel offer the newest technology and that we are not afraid to invest in what we believe to be the future. With this wireless solution and the ability to integrate to PA the Turbine Industrial Series makes a complete package”, said Tarlebø.

The new Turbine Intercom stations for Industry are:



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