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VINGTOR and STENTOFON Become One Global Brand

Nov 24, 2014

One Brand - Global recognition across all markets
The history of the two brands dates back to 1946. According to Kenneth Dastol, CEO Zenitel Group, the merging of the two will not affect Zenitel’s legal structure but will allow the Zenitel name to become less visible while the two well-known brands are presented on a consistent more prominent basis.

“As both brands are highly established globally, STENTOFON for our on-shore communication systems and VINGTOR for offshore, I am pleased that VINGTOR and STENTOFON is now one, unified brand, said Kenneth Dastol. There have been many numerous changes throughout our history but we’ve always held the same primary goal which is to provide the most advanced, robust and reliable communication solutions in the market. This is what sets us apart time and again from other critical communication providers,” said Dastol.

Significance in merging of the two brands
The change was a long thought out plan and ultimate necessity for Zenitel’s corporative objectives as the two brands are designed, developed and manufactured under one organization. Merging of the two brands will:

  • Provide simplification for all new customers
  • Strengthen Vingtor and Stentofon partners
  • Reduce complexity in stock
  • Maximize operational excellency
  • Simplify understanding of the company’s core offerings

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