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Product Catalogue
Pro 700 Product Catalogue


Master Station AA702
Industrial Master Station AA703
Console Master Station AA704
Heavy Duty Master Station AA705
Clean Room Master Station AA706
Desk/Wall Master Station AA711
Wall Substation -1 button AB708
Wall Substation -3 button AB709
Tamper resistant Substation AB731
Tamper resistant Substation - Flush Mount AB731F
Door Station -1 button AB731A
Door Station -3 button AB731A-F


Multipurpose Unit BC735
Substation kit BD702
10WInternal Amplifier FC740
Multipurpose Relay Unit GH750
Audio Interface Unit HD752
Telephone Interface Unit HD754


Application and Reference Sheets
Supermarket and Grocery Store Application Sheet
School Security Application Sheet
Emergency Services Application Sheet
Car Park Security Application Sheet
Building Entrance Application Sheet
Toll Gates
Pro700 Reference Sheet


Configuration Sheets
Cable Layout Alt. 1
Cable Layout Alt. 2
Entrance Control - with barrier controlled via mobile phone
Entrance Control - with single door calling multiple internal stations
- with door opening facility

Entrance Control - with two doors calling multiple internal stations
- with door opening facility

Door Communication
Heavy industry Command and PA system
Industrial Simplex conference system
Hospital Intercom - Staff emergency call system
Nursing home
Jail - Visitor Area Communication System
Laboratory Intercom Layout Alt. 1
Laboratory Intercom Layout Alt. 2
Lift Communication system with Guard Messages via PA system
Cashier Safety Communication
Police Station - Door-Guard-Cell Communication System
Police Station - Guard-Cell Communication System
Police Station - Remote Radio Control
Public Swimming Pool Emergency Call System
Radio Communication Open Network Alt. 1
Radio Communication Open Network Alt. 2
Restaurant-Bar System for CCTV control, Silent Alarm and Staff Assistance
Small Industry System for Door, Office, Workshop and Store communication
Supermarket Call System for Cashier Calls, PA, CCTV Control
and Silent Alarm Calls and Monitoring

Warehouse Intercom and PA system


Technical Manuals and User Guides
Pro700 Installation and Programming Manual - 28-pages
Pro700 Connection and Programming Guide - 2-pages
Pro700 AA706 Mounting Guide
Pro700 Full User Manual - 20-pages

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