Simple to integrate and expand

Based on STENTOFON’s IP technology, STENTOFON Pulse offers High Definition voice quality, simple installa-tion and ease of use. The IP based system works by utilizing an existing IP network infrastructure. It employs open standards including SIP, HTTP and XML, making it simple to integrate and expand with third party sys-tems.

Reduce installation time and cost

STENTOFON Pulse provides a smart and simple interface that reduces installation time and cost. To install Pulse, one station is selected as the primary station or system master. This master station provides SIP sever functions to the other stations in the system and optionally any third party IP telephones and gateways. De-pending on the number of stations in the system, basic installation can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

No central server is required

After the management software is activated for the chosen master station, all that is required is configuration of directory numbers of the other stations. Since the system does not require a central server, connection of the IP stations to the network is all that is needed for system set-up.

System description

  • Allows up to 16 intercom stations per system
  • No central server equipment required
  • Auto discovery of IP stations
  • System setup using web browser in less than 10 minutes
  • Intercom stations support Active Noise Cancellation
  • Supports all STENTOFON IP intercoms
  • Wide range of special purpose intercom terminals
  • Supports open standards and IP technology
  • Compatible with STENTOFON AlphaCom – easy to expand and grow

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