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STENTOFON communication systems have secured rail facilities and road infrastructures throughout the world for many years. Whether the requirement is to communicate with a small unattended railway station from a control room many kilometres away, or complete security management integration covering a large geographical area, Zenitel’s STENTOFON systems have the flexibility to provide a tailored communication solution, both via traditional links and over IP.

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Broadcasting  over IP           

A security system that enables the user to communicate and respond fast, prevent crime and reduce panic and stress, gives a better chance of preventing critical situations.

Security announcements

Using over sixty years of experience in this field, STENTOFON systems will interface to the emergency services, give priority to security announcements, and provide voice evacuation to guide travellers away from a critical area. Integrated to other security systems and devices, the guard has an eye, voice and ear, and can make security Public Address announcements from any intercom station or the Public Address system itself.

IP network technology

Thanks to IP network technology, STENTOFON's Public Address system speakers can easily be part of multiple zones and it is even cost efficient to have many small zones; the cost factor is solely the number of speakers, not the planning and wiring of additional zones. It’s these types of adaptations which distinguish a STENTOFON intercom system

Help Points            

Help points on platforms, in station halls and road tunnels

Zenitel’s STENTOFON stations offer arguably the best voice reproduction available on the market. All of the stations and help points are easy to use – once a call has been placed, speech can be made hands-free. 

Robust stations

STENTOFON offers products suitable for any possible environment. Large and robust stations are suitable for the loading docks for the freight trains. Weather resistant and vandal proof stations make good information points at the train station. Substation kits are very convenient to build in inside pay terminals, elevator control panels, emergency stanchions etc.

Emergency stanchions in large tunnel projects handle critical communication. Calls from these lines are of course treated as a priority call and with a simple call management and a queuing system, there are no lost calls or busy tones. The stations are easily integrated with CCTV cameras. This means that guards can immediately see and hear what is going on when a call is placed.

Maintenance Made Easy

Instant connection

For rail and tunnel operators running tight schedules, where speed and dependability is of the essence, Zenitel delivers a STENTOFON system where there is no need to wait for a user to report a fault – the system monitors its wiring and its circuits continuously. Maintenance staff using STENTOFON track communication doesn’t have to wait for a call to dial through, the connection is instantaneous. A normal telephone line is used for telephones along the track side.


Metro de Caracas - Caracas, Venezuela

This project was completely handled by Zenitel in France - the radio part by Zenitel Wireless France and the Intercom part by Zenitel CSS France, using STENTOFON equipment. This very project is a renovation of the security telephone system on the three metro lines of Venezuela’s capital city. The stations, located in every metro station, are telephone handsets for hook call and are of two different types: one for technical manoeuvre requests and one for emergency calls. The AlphaCom exchange, well equipped with ATLB boards, is used as a PABX. All the station calls are centralized on specially designed CRMIV control room stations, located in a remote control room, allowing a quick turnaround on these crucial calls.

Further references;

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  • ASF, (highway toll operator) France  
  • Transrapid magnetic train, China
  • The Sydney Airport Rail Link, Australia

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