Applications which allow you to configure or make use of standard and additional STENTOFON features.


AlphaPro is the STENTOFON software package that is used to set up and maintain the communication system. It is installed on a Windows operated computer and then connected to the AlphaCom XE server either directly, or over IP.

Through the IP network, via AlphaPro and an Integrated Web Server, remote administration of firmware, software and databases can be carried out. AlphaCom E has advanced network monitoring and supervision functions so it can detect, identify and repair faults throughout the system using AlphaPro software.

AlphaPro is the tool for the configuration of the AlphaCom XE system. It is self contained, simple to install and use. When a new exchange shall be configured, the exchange is given a working default factory setting.

The operator can then modify the settings such as:

      • Directory (type of station, line interface, display name and more)
      • Define groups (cell groups, guard groups)
      • Interface to CCTV, PA, paging, DECT
      • AlphaNet
      • And other custom behaviour

There are currently over 100 defined features which can be programmed with AlphaPro.

AlphaPro is an off-line tool. This means that it is possible to enter all parameters without the necessity of being connected to the exchange. Once all parameter are entered, AlphaPro can be connected to the exchange and the parameters can be sent. AlphaPro can also upload configuration information from an exchange.

      • AlphaPro connects to an exchange via the IP network or a local RS232 interface
      • AlphaPro XE7 runs without a hardware key. It gives access to all features except AlphaNet, but only for 36 subscribers

AlphaPro Lite uses the Lite hardware key. It gives access to a limited range of features for all subscribers and is intended for customer maintenance of systems.

AlphaPro Professional uses the Professional hardware key. It gives access to all features for all stations. This version must be used when extensive changes to the autoload is required.

1009293100 Alphapro lite, parallel port dongle

1009291100 Alphapro professional, parallel port dongle

1009293120 Alphapro lite, USB dongle

1009291120 Alphapro professional, USB dongle




      • Manage and control communication fees and expenses
      • Generate revenues on STENTOFON telephone calls
      • Easy to setup and install
      • Web based user interface to easy generate invoices, reports and handle user administration


The VINGTOR Billing application makes it possible to control the communication fees and expenses for your STENTOFON AlphaCom XE system. The application will authorize access for external communication. The calling users will be identified based on PIN or subscriber number. Each user will have a set of authorization
criteria’s such as credit line, and trunk type, which determines if he/she will be granted access for external communication.

The VINGTOR Billing application is a full billing system which allows you to generate revenues from your STENTOFON system. It is possible to handle a set of billing scenarios. Fees can for instance be calculated depending on carrier type, duration, called number, and time of day. The billing of the users can be done by either pre-paid or post-paid payment methods.

The application provides an easy to use Web interface for the billing administrator. The administrator can use a standard Internet Web browser to log into the system. From the Web browser the administrator can perform operations such as:

      • Print billing invoices
      • Print and view usage reports
      • Change billing setup
      • Perform user administration such as setup wake up calls

Five different product versions are available with capacity from 2 to 32 external trunk lines all with a max 400 users.

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