Active Noise Cancelling


Having a conversation in a noisy area is difficult enough when you are talking face to face with your partner and can be virtually impossible when using a communications system. Entry gates of car parks and toll roads particularly are difficult points to have a conversation due to the noise of idling car and truck engines. What if this noise could be suppressed, wouldn't that make it a lot easier?


STENTOFON has developed a software-based Active Noise Cancelling feature for its IP stations. A powerful DSP inside the station will measure the microphone signal and calculate the noise components in that signal. It will effectively remove these noise components, leaving a clean speech signal even if the original speech level is below the level of the surrounding noise. The result will be a clear Open Duplex conversation even with a passing train in the background or talking from inside a car while stuck in front of a barrier.

A major advantage of Active Noise Cancelling above the use of a noise cancelling microphone is the fact that the user does not need to speak closely into the microphone, which in certain circumstances can be highly impractical or the need to do so may not be apparent at all to an occasional user. 

The Active Noise Cancelling feature can be switched off, level setting 0, or be set to different levels. Level 7 will give a maximum noise reduction of over 36 dB. This way the station can be optimally tuned to the environment it is in.


Active Noise Canceling

Because the STENTOFON solution is purely software based, the Active Noise Cancelling feature can be added to already installed IP-stations from before this function became available without any hardware modification whatsoever.

Due to AlphaNet’s networking capabilities, the Active Noise Cancelling feature can be installed and configured remotely for widely dispersed locations.

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