Critical Communication over IP (CCoIP) employs VoIP taking it a step beyond conventional IP systems by adding enhanced IP services and applications integrating security, quality and reliability capabilities. As the industry makes the transition to VoIP technology, choices are made by manufacturers as to the “standards” their system will attain. The STENTOFON system is backwards compatible and open so the needs and requirements of the customers are continuously maintained and met with the highest quality and operating performance.

The STENTOFON AlphaCom is beyond any other VoIP system offered in the market. Our wide-band audio, call set-up time (milliseconds) and flexibility is unmatched. We utilize a codec that allows for better frequency response than telephony and little to no packet loss. And when it comes to reporting, the AlphaCom is unsurpassed with its SYSLOG functions.

The power of the AlphaCom:


Integrated web server Network supervision - detection and notification within seconds Centralized monitoring Centralized software maintenance Tone test and line monitoring

Advanced features

Call queuing, priority and time of arrival Mass notification - global group calls Radio conferencing - global conference calls Dual port Ethernet switch Remote control and networking - AlphaNet Scalable from 2 to 140.208

Audio Technology

High-fidelity exchange 40 Hz – 18.5 kHz 1-BIT audio Wideband 200 Hz – 7 kHz (G.722) Telephony 3.4 kHz (G.711) Open duplex - acoustic echo cancellation Adaptive jitter buffers Adaptive time synchronization Volume override

Audio output - stations

1.5 Watt audio output 105 dB audio pressure 1 m from speaker

Installation - stations

Remote automatic software upgrade Centralized provisioning DHCP and static IP Power over Ethernet

IT/IP security

Integrated firewall Integrity check of software Network monitoring Secure link layer (encryption)

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