What is OPC?

Microsoft OPC

  • Standards based on integration with OPC 
  • True interoperability and scalability with OPC 
  • Reduce implementation time and cost of system integration 
  • Easy and fast configuration, only limited configuration data is required
Open Standard

OPC is an open standard specification that was designed to provide plug-and-play connectivity and interoperability between Windows-based applications and process control hardware and software. The OPC standard defines a consistent method of accessing data from many devices such as the STENTOFON AlphaCom stations. This consistency means there is no need to write specific interface protocols for each combination of hardware and management software. This results in enormous savings in cost and time for projects where management software needs to control more than just the intercom exchange.

The AlphaCom exchange communicates with the management system reporting the status of its IP intercom stations. It lets the management software know it can accept commands such as calling, call canceling, and much more.

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