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Central Park Perth

Client – Schindler

Location – Central Park, Perth

Date completed – August 2015

The Site

Central Park is the tallest office tower in Perth. It is considered one of the finest modern landmark office towers in Australia continuing its lead into the 21st century as Perth’s premier corporate headquarters. It comprises a 51 level office tower of approximately 66,500mΒ² with on-site tenant and public car parking for 1,025 vehicles.

The Requirements

Provide the building with a leading edge Lift Communication system to suit the Schindler Lift Upgrade whilst retaining backwards compatibility with the existing Building and Fire Stair intercom system. IP CCTV camera fitted to the Passenger lift panel for visual identification of the passengers. Goods Lift Landing Video Intercom system, with Video screen in the Goods lift for the Lift Driver. VoIP Intercom to each lift, including Passenger and Top of Car intercom. VoIP Intercom to each lift pit.

The Solution

The existing AlphaCom 138 and AlphaCom M node was upgraded to IP, and a new AlphaCom XE1 was installed to support the new IP Extensions. Flowire technology, installed into racks in each of the 8 motor rooms provided 2 wire Power and Data for the 23 Lift Shafts, utilising a cable pair in the trailing cable and down the entire length of the building to the lift pits. IP Flush Master stations were installed in each Motor Room, Top of Lift Car, Lift Pit and in the Goods Lift. Turbine TCIS-5 units, along with Acti E12 cameras were mounted at each of the Goods Lift landings to provide communication to the Goods Lift and Security office, with vision of the Goods Lift Landings presented to the Goods Lift driver on a screen mounted in the car.

The Outcome

Central Park now has an up to date communication system that allows for passengers and security staff to be in immediate communication should an incident arise. Goods lift operations are now made more efficient with clear communication and visual identification of the staff at each floor.
Lift technicians now have noise cancelling, loudspeaking intercom connections between all maintenance areas for safe operations. Security staff have a clear view of any passengers in each lift car, and have the same Intercom terminal for familiar use.

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