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Industrial noise cancelling process line Intercom

Date completed: Ongoing

  • 1 x Desktop Master Station
    w/ handset (100 8000 000)
  • 1 x Turbine TCIS-3
    (100 8111 030)

The Site

Namoi Cotton was established in 1962 and today is Australia’s leading cotton processing and marketing organisation.

The Challenge

A simple single-call loud intercom system for a noisy industrial area was required for workers in a production area to contact the control room, and visa versa. The control room had, in the past, preferred to keep the intercom receiving, so they can hear the production area and workers can just call out, hands free, to the control room.

The Solution

Control Room:
Simple Master Station set-up in a perpetual receiving mode:

  • Allowing a continuous streaming of Noise Cancelled audio from the Production End (only voices from the production end are heard in the control room and all engine / manufacturing noise is removed and never heard in Control Room).
  • Control Room operator simply needs to press and hold ‘M’ to be heard at the Production End.

Production End:
Single-button Noise Cancelling Intercom constantly streaming audio to Control Room:

  • Allowing hands-free two-way communication from Production End to Control Room
  • Single-button intercom has an output of 105dB in simplex to ensure the Control
    Room is always heard at the Production End

The Outcome

Settings were applied in the Turbine’s web based configuration to account for an environment with high noise pollution, with level 4 noise cancelling and increased audio output at production end. These settings can be increased or decreased to suit any environment as needed. Both sides can initiate the call, but only the control master intercom can cancel the call. (Eliminating any accidental button presses on the Production End). Zenitel TURBINE Noise cancelling Intercom for use in SIP mode, IC-Edge & AlphaCom ICX

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