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Noise Cancelling Intercom – Weighbridge and Truck GateRidley CSF Laverton

Client: Johnstaff

Location: Ridley CSF Laverton

Date completed: Ongoing

Equipment Supplied: 

3 100 8111 030 TCIS-3 Turbine Compact IP Standard One Button
3 TCIS-3 Custom Plate

  • 2) for Gate,
  • 1) for Hut
    1 IP Desk/Wall Master Station,

The Site

In a world that needs more and more safe food and sustainable fuel, rendering plays a key role. By rendering poultry, red meat, and fish by-products into high performance feed ingredient solutions and renewable fuels, we supply products that support the health and performance of farmed animals, fish and pets, and biofuels as a source of sustainable energy. CSF Proteins provides domestic and international markets with animal protein products.

The Challenge

The site control room requested to have clear noise cancelled intercom capability with the many large vehicles that pass through their truck gate and weigh bridge daily. Before allowing site access it was crucial for the control room to confirm the truck origin, identity of the driver, and the trucks’ contents. Then after granting vehicle access to ensure that the truck stopped on the weighbridge to receive further instructions and paperwork for safe site navigation. Equally important for safety and productivity was the ability for the driver to hear, be, heard and be understood whilst remaining in their cabin with the engine running.

The Solution

Noise cancelling TCIS-3 Turbine IP intercoms were supplied for the dual height bollard outside the gate and the weigh bridge hut. This allowed trucks and smaller vehicles to call the site control room and have a loud and clear audible two-way conversation with the site control room. Custom plates were made to fit the TCIS-3 into the existing pedestal bollards. The control room received a hands-free IP Master Station with Direct Access Keys (DAK) to call each of the end points with a single button press.

The Outcome

The Control Room is now fully capable of conducting headache free conversations with visiting vehicles and to quickly, safely and efficiently process the truck payloads into their facility. All of this was achieved using Zenitel IC-EDGE technology, a server-less system that allows sites to have full HD conversational capability with no external hardware or software required.

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