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Preston Depot

Client: Yarra Trams

Location: Melbourne  VIC

Date completed: Ongoing

Equipment Supplied: 90+


Provide Site-Wide communications, incorporating Entry intercom, Operational intercom from points in the field and Public Address including alarm. Local announcements must be made from single button substations without feedback from the local speakers, and PA announcements must be made via the EWIS system. Integration to Genetec via HLI.


ICX-500 was chosen for its flexibility in operation. As well as providing Intercom functionality for the Gates, Doors and Field points, the AlphaCom-ICX allows for multi-zone PA, with multiple paging points. Dual Display Master Stations with Gooseneck microphones serve as ideal Intercom and PA Master Stations, with up to 90 DAK keys on a single slimline unit.
Turbine units supplied:

  • Turbine TCIS-2 units are installed at points outside the perimeter fence using Flowire to bridge the distance.
  • Turbine TCIS-3 units are used at Staff and vehicle entry gates to contact Security, and also as local microphone panels.
  • Turbine TCIS-4 & TCIS-5 units are used in the field for drivers and maintenance staff to contact the Starters Office for vehicle movements
  • Turbine TCIS-6 units were used at Public Entry points to select the correct call location.
  • Turbine TKIS-2 units were interfaced to the EWIS system in each fire zone.
  • ESLII-10C and 10H speakers were implemented in the Admin, Theatre and certain workshop areas not serviced by the EWIS.

Feedback control is implemented at the local microphone panels by utilising Store and Deploy. Users approach the unit, hold the button down and record their announcement. When the user releases the button, the announcement is deployed to the local area, with noise cancelled audio free of feedback.


A smooth delivery of devices was made over the course of the project. The Starters Office now has full communication control over the operation of the site, including vehicle movement, staff location and emergency alarms. The security office has visibility over all access control and CCTV triggers from the Gate and Door Intercom. Staff have the ability to make PA announcements to their local area via either a Desk Master Station or rugged single button Paging Panel with crystal clear and loud communication.

  • SIP PBX â€“ This VoIP intercom module can be used with basically any SIP server. Various server types have been tested explicitly by Zenitel and a proper functionality can be confirmed.
  • Zenitel AlphaCom-ICX Servers – CCoIP® (Critical Communication over IP).
  • Zenitel IC-Edge â€“ Intercom for everyone.
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