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Revolutionising Security Communication and Access Control in Hospitals

Client: Dandenong Hospital

Location: Dandenong, VIC

Date Completed: 2024

Equipment Supplied:

– TCIV-3+ Turbine Compact IP Video

– SIP IP Video Phone with 5.0″ LCD Touchscreen

– SIP ICX SIP Station License

The Site

Dandenong Hospital is a leading healthcare institution dedicated to serving its surrounding community, offering a comprehensive range of general and specialised medical services designed to cater to a wide array of patient needs within a culturally diverse population.

Services encompass acute treatment, including general medicine, surgical interventions, orthopaedic care and rehabilitation, as well as specialised services in areas such as aged care, paediatric care, and intensive care with onsite state-of-the-art facilities, including diagnostic imaging technologies such as CT scans and ultrasound.

The Challenge

Dandenong Hospital wanted to relieve the administrative burden on its nurses and admin staff by enabling seamless access to its wards while maintaining security protocols.

The aim was to streamline entry and exit processes to wards without compromising patient safety. Specifically, they sought a solution allowing one-touch door opening with less hands-on external assistance while enabling a unique “go to sleep” function for the station.

The Solution

Leveraging the intelligence of the ICX server, the facility’s team were able to have the desired features and functionality of the system they wanted programmed in. By customising the access control system, they tailored it to the site’s precise needs, ensuring continued optimal performance and user experience.

The facility conducted rigorous in-house testing to validate the feasibility of the proposed solution. This step ensured that the solution met their specific requirements and their goal of implementing a proactive approach to problem-solving.

Following on from testing, customisation and user acceptance, the solution was integrated. After the implementation, the customer expressed high levels of satisfaction with the solution.

The seamless one-touch door opening feature, coupled with the “go to sleep” functionality, significantly enhanced convenience for both staff and visitors.

This newfound ease of access contributed to a more positive experience for everyone within the facility, fostering a sense of security, ease through automation and increased operational efficiency.

Positive Outcomes and Ancillary Benefits:

The solution made the nurses’ job easier by facilitating much smoother entry and exit of individuals to and from the ward without compromising site security. This streamlined process minimised disruptions and allowed nursing staff to focus more on patient care.

Implementing the access control system in the airlock added an extra layer of security. The intercom and video feed allowed staff to vet visitors before granting access, ensuring the safety of patients and staff members.

The solution also catered to individuals with mobility issues, maintaining an accessible means of entry for patients in wheelchairs because of the fish-eye lens in the intercom station, which further enhanced the field of vision to allow for efficient vetting of visitors, even from a seated position.

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