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World First Full Duplex Video Master Station with Push To Talk

Client: PMT

Location: Melbourne Market, Epping VIC

Date completed: 2023

Equipment Supplied: 

  • Turbine Compact IP Video-3+
  • TA-14 Microphone Windscreen for TCIS/TCIV
  • CRM-V-2IP Flush Master, Display-V2 IP DAK-48 Unit
    ILS-CRM IP-station license, CRM Handset
  • Desk Stand CRM-V Triple, Handset + Station + DAK48
  • ICX500 IP-station license
  • ILI-API64 License Supporting 64 Stations


Operating from a 67-hectare site in Epping, Melbourne Market is the direct interface link between growers, wholesalers, retailers and the fresh produce supply chain.

Approximately 2,800 businesses use Melbourne Market as a home base, buying and selling produce for distribution across Australia.

More than 2,000 individual fruit and vegetable buyers from greengrocers, supermarkets, restaurants & food suppliers source produce directly here and many more receive deliveries and consignments from the market every day.

Up to 120,000 square metres of warehousing space enables full integration of supply chain logistics, making this the largest warehousing premises of any central market in Australia.


STENTOFON Communications Australia was called in to engineer a new security and communication solution to solve a complicated problem at the truck gates.

With 5 very busy site access lanes with extreme levels of engine noise, the client was looking for clear noise-cancelling audio at the gate as well as push-to-talk functionality on the master station in the control room combined with synced video making it a truly custom solution.


A completely new and custom standalone solution was innovated from the client’s list of complex and operationally critical needs.

In tandem with Zenitel ICX Integration to Milestone along with the deployment of full duplex video stations from Zenitel, STENTOFON Communications Australia built a brand new Push-To-Talk master station for the Market’s control room which didn’t previously exist.

In addition to noise cancelling, audio input problems were solved, plus audio output at the truck access gates was optimised for clear and effective communication between drivers and control room staff.

We also achieved 100% synchronicity with call popping for Audio and Video, which we are proud to have delivered in this project as a world first.

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