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Airport Solutions

Intelligent Airport Communication Solutions

Keep passengers informed and ensure airport operations run smoothly. Security, safety, and service all depend on good information flow.

With our solutions, you can keep passengers informed with Public Address, while personnel on duty connected with radio communication can maintain the required security level.

As large infrastructural junctions, airports are frequented by thousands of passengers and an enormous number of service and security personnel every day. Complex processes, precisely coordinated schedules and vastly varying workspaces make effective communication imperative.

Due to the exceptionally high level of security, permanent availability of communication must also be ensured. These requirements are met by Zenitel audio solutions. Zenitel’s offering with Public Address for announcements and voice evacuation, special purpose intercom stations and radio integration – covers the whole specter of communication requirements and offers a wide range of integration opportunities to other vital security systems at the airport.

We ensure quick communication between crucial areas, crystal clear audio even in rough and loud environments such as baggage handling, emergency call in lifts and in toilets for the disabled or tower emergency calls. In critical events, the right person is reached instantly at the touch of a button. We allow the staff and passengers to hear and be heard in virtually any environment at the airport.


Benefits of using Zenitel for Public Address

Crystal Clear Audio. We use the G722 wideband audio codec to offer high quality audio. In addition our products support active noise cancellation and dynamic volume control.

Our products are platform independent and scalable. You can use our standalone IC-EDGE solution for smaller systems or connect them directly to the IPBX telephony system. For more advanced security systems we recommend using our dedicated AlphaCom XE or ICX platform.
Native IP PA – EXIGO. Our dedicated IP PA platform is called EXIGO. It is designed to meet the most stringent requirements for Oil & Gas and Marine projects. EXIGO is a distributed PA system supporting A+B systems, Full Redundancy and much more.

Airport Security Solution Sheet