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Air Gap Solution

Use air gapping for unsecured parts of your network

For mission-critical systems where risks need to be reduced to a minimum, you should consider an air gap solution.

An air gap is a network security measure employed on one or more computers to ensure that a secure computer network is physically isolated from unsecured networks, such as the public Internet or an unsecured local area network. Thereby, creating a conceptual air gap.

Air Gap Solution

The air gap solution is ideal when you need to place an intercom in an unsecure area, but wish to keep your IP network in a protected area. In such circumstances we use the Zenitel TCIA-2 IP-Analogue intercom. The TCIA-2 connects to the Air gap gateway solution that is placed in a secure area, up to 60 meters from the TCIA-2 intercom.

Zenitel Air Gap solution figure picture

The network security of an analog intercom with the audio features of an IP intercom

The vandal-resistant Analog over IP intercom combines the network security of an analog intercom with the audio features of an IP intercom. This keeps your IP network port in a protected area.

This is an ideal solution for Building Security and Public Environments where you don’t want to expose your physical IP network, yet still require all the audio features of an IP Intercom, such as;

  • HD voice quality
  • Open Duplex
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • MEMS microphone

and our unique speaker grill design.

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