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Industrial Intercom

Zenitel offers a wide variety of industrial intercom stations and guarantees the most efficient communication system for any type of industrial plant.

A manufacturing plant needs to run efficiently in order to stay profitable. The production line operates 24/7 and there is a constant coming and going of goods and people. Good organization is a key factor and a reliable extensive communication system is essential.

Workers on the factory floor need to stay in touch with their colleagues at logistics, the plant manager needs to reach the heads of the different departments and the control room needs to address the right people as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.

On the Factory Floor


Zenitel offers a specialized range of products designed to suit the demanding needs of the industry sector.

The TFIE-6 IP industrial intercom station is a rugged device, designed for harsh environments and meets  industrial and offshore requirements. The plastic housing is designed to withstand most chemical and environmental hazards found onshore or offshore. The TFIE-6 features a full keypad with four programmable buttons, keys for manual override (PTT) and Cancel, plus display with scrolling unit. The intercom station is fully digital and offers crystal clear audio with high output through a 10 W internal  amplifier and 78 mm speaker, offering up to 100dB SPL.

Active Noise Reduction and Acoustic Echo  Cancelling allows for hands-free two-way communication with superior audio quality. Intercom status indicators display the status of the system and are compatible with AlphaCom and Exigo systems as well as SIP functionality for use with 3rd party systems.

All industrial intercom stations allow the connection of an external horn speaker for use in noisy environments. If more audio output is required, the built-in 10W amplifier can be enabled.


Exploiting the power of SIP, Zenitel’s intercom system integrates seamlessly with cordless and mobile phones, allowing them to function as intercom stations with calling number display, access to Group and All Call features, and more. Users can send and receive calls from handheld devices (IP DECT phones or mobile phones). Zenitel offers IP DECT phones for office use, rough use and EX (explosive) environments

Entry Gates & Emergency points

A factory site has a constant traffic of incoming and outgoing transportation vehicles. To manage all this traffic, an industrial site will have several entrances and exits which are equipped with gate barriers. Substation kits that are built into the gate barriers come with noise-canceling that enhances voice quality while the external speakers overcome loud background noise from the plant and trucks.

The safety of the workforce is an absolute priority throughout the entire site. However, accidents can happen, and when they do, it is necessary to reach help as soon as possible. Zenitel offers a complete solution in this respect: Help points are just a button push away and calls can be placed directly to the security desk. CCTV cameras can be automatically triggered when a corresponding emergency point is used so that the guards can also see what is going on.

The Zenitel Conventional and IP Substations as well as the station kits are typically used as communication, information or emergency points, and have the following features:

  • Two-way, handsfree (IP) communication
  • High Power Lamp/Strobe flashes when activated for emergencies
  • Connection to external IP video camera
  • Superb wideband audio quality
  • Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring

Industrial Solution Sheet