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Parking Solutions


Parking facility users rely on intercom for several purposes. When they are blocked at the entrance or exit gate they wish to talk to the control room. In case there is a problem with the payment terminal, they can call for assistance. Modern car parks grow bigger and bigger and that comes with a growing concern for the users’ safety. Walking to the car in a quiet parking area can cause anxiety to the customers.


Zenitel offers a complete security solution: Help points are just a button push away and calls can be placed directly to the security desk. CCTV cameras are automatically triggered when a corresponding help point is used so that the guards can also see what is going on.

Elevators, barriers and pay terminals are equipped with built-in stations to provide information to the users in case of a malfunction.

The Zenitel Conventional and IP Substations are typically used as communication, information or emergency points.

  • Two-way, hands free (IP) communication
  • High Power Lamp/Strobe flashes when activated for emergencies
  • Connection to external IP video camera
  • Superb wideband audio quality
  • Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring
  • Tamper alarm for additional system security

Zenitel also offers a wide range of PA solutions. The PA system can liven up the parking house with background music and, of course, broadcast security announcements to the users in the whole facility or certain areas of it.

Parking Solution Sheet