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Cloud Telephony

“We want to extend the IC-Edge system out from the site,” Hægh said. “And we extend it in two ways. One is with Cloud IP telephony. You can connect IC-Edge to cloud services to call out to mobiles, fixed-line telephones, etc. in a very cost-efficient way. You don’t need to install any hardware, have any kind of subscription, etc. And we take no license. You only pay a small fee to your Cloud provider.”

As we move away from traditional PSTN services for external telephone lines to SIP and SIP Trunking, IC-EDGE provides a dedicated IP Telephony service.  IC-EDGE systems may subscribe directly to a Cloud Telephony provider over the internet, license (Zenitel) free.


  • 2 lines and 2 simultaneous conversations with 1 Cloud Telephony provider per EDGE cluster
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for inbound calls
  • Pin code protection to eliminate unauthorized usage
  • White list for approved numbers

Ideal for:

  • Car-parking providers
  • Remote vehicle gates