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When you find yourself in a situation where you need to push the alarm button in an elevator car, you will only think of one thing; I need to be heard and understood, right now. You want someone to register that you are in dire need of assistance and you want to receive instructions and feedback from that person loud and clear. To achieve this, you need crystal clear audio communication.

EN81 Compliant;

Our communication server continuously monitors the line, but also performs scheduled tone testing to check the health of the microphone and speaker. This is one of the many features which makes our communication system fully EN81 compliant.


When trapped inside an elevator, you want to make sure you have clear communication. Hear, be heard and understood, every time is the absolute priority. Zenitel has decades of engineering experience within the field of critical communication to meet this essential need. Our ICX-AlphaCom Servers support SIP Technology, which means we can forward the crystal clear audio from our devices to your IPBX telephone system. In addition, it is not a problem for 3rd party SIP devices, such as a VoIP phone to register directly on our server.

System integration

The ICX-AlphaCom server easily integrates with external systems like Access Control, CCTV, fire alarm and many others. In addition, we offer an SDK for more specialized integrations and custom made software applications. Finally, we support several protocols for system reporting and event handling on our ICX-AlphaCom platform, such as SNMP and SysLog.


New Buildings or Retrofit, IP Network or Dedicated Cabling; no matter what infrastructure is available, we have the technology for it. We have even developed a unique technology, called Flowire, that brings you power and Ethernet over a single pair cable over longer distances (up to 900m).