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High Availability

ICX-AlphaCom supports High Availability operation of a node with a redundant server.  The principle is based on Warm-Standby, with the primary server providing all services including configuration, whilst the Standby server monitors the Primary server for all configuration changes, and an operational heartbeat.  Should the Primary server be taken out of service, either by service or fault, the Standby server will take over operations.


Geo-redundant redundancy.  Primary and Standby server may be located in different buildings or locations, providing protection from physical damage

Automatic failover to Standby.  No operator intervention is required

Simple management of endpoints and interfaces.  A shared Operational Address provides a single point of access.

Monitoring.  ICX-500 gateways feature an Active LED to indicate which device is in control, and SNMP and Syslog events can be viewed.