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SIP Intercom

Zenitel stations for any iPBX

  • SIP support for integration to any iPBX
  • Certified Cisco & Alcatel Lucent Compatible and Avaya DevConnect Compliant
  • Support integration with 3rd party management tools via open protocols
  • Integrated data switch with advanced networking and security functions
  • Relay output for remote control, e.g. doors, signal lamps and gates
  • Powered from the IP network cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Superb audio quality – high bandwidth codec, active noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation and high output power amplifier

Zenitel SIP Stations support a wide set of open protocols that allows integration with any iPBX system as well as 3rd party management systems. By connection directly to the IP network, and utilising existing iPBX infrastructure, a Zenitel SIP Intercom is easy to deploy anywhere and at any distance. Like all Zenitel stations, Zenitel

SIP Intercom features superb audio quality. This is enabled through a set of advanced technologies such as active noise filtering, acoustic echo cancellation, wide band audio codec, and high power audio outputs.

Zenitel SIP Intercom Stations have an integrated managed data switch providing advanced networking and security features.

Certified & Compatible

We are continuously working on offering VoIP end-stations that are compatible with the systems you are familiar with.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding your system and compatibility with Zenitel.

The integrated switch provides support for:

  • Protection from unwanted access
  • Quality of Service (QoS) by managing data traffic
  • Increased system availability through redundant LAN infrastructure
  • Cost efficient installation by providing shared network connections through the integrated data switch

All this enables you to deliver instant, efficient and secure voice and data services in an IP environment using a terminal designed to fit the environment.

The benefits of SIP

One system

A Unified Communication system is a solution based on connecting independent devices to the same network. It opens up the exchange of data, voice and video on different devices in a variety of ways – all through one network. This gives you the advantage of being able to choose products from different providers that suits your needs.

Unifying a business’s communication into a single IP-network enables a business to:

  • Consolidate: all communication through a single and practical IP-network
  • Reduce costs: within maintenance, IT-support, and travelling costs.
  • Enhance interactions: easily identify when a colleague is available and get in touch
  • Create synergy: successful and efficient communication facilitates productive interactions and valuable information sharing
  • Increase productivity: stream lined communication is efficient, reducing wasted time

One language

While the network carries the information, SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) can best be described as the language that makes it possible for a vast range of communication devices to communicate with each other. SIP enabled products are compatible with any iPBX.

Endless possibilities

Zenitel offer products specifically for integration in a preexisting or new SIP system. In addition they’ve made the inside of their products available as KITs for you to customize for any need. This enables anyone to customize and design tailor-made solutions. Quality combined with flexibility are only two of the many reasons why Zenitel products are found all over the world. By presenting you with SIP products and solutions, we hope to inspire you to discover the endless possibilities of SIP and identify how Zenitel SIP products can complement your communications system.