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Extreme Industrial Noise Cancelling Communications

Project: Osborne Cogeneration Power Plant

Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Date completed: Ongoing

Equipment Supplied: 

1x AlphaCom XE1 Exchange Package licensed for 8 subscribers

1x IP Desk/Wall Master Station with Handset and Display

7x Vandal Resistant and Weather Resistant Substations

1x IP ARIO Audio Remote Input/Output Module


The Osborne plant located near Adelaide, is one of Australia’s largest coal generation facilities, the 180 MW project, a joint venture between ATCO power and Origin Energy Australia, was commissioned in 1998.

ATCO Australia operates the Osborne plant, consisting of a 128 MW gas turbine fuelled by natural gas from South Australia’s Cooper Basin and a 60 MW steam turbine.

The plant is over 50% more efficient than the conventional gas or coal-fired power station. This advanced technology reduces nitrous oxide emissions by at least 80% and carbon dioxide emissions by 35% to 50% over that of a conventional power station.


STENTOFON Communications Australia needed to provide a security and communication system that can provide critical communication in an extremely noisy situation. The gas power turbine produces extreme sound pressure levels, and the Zenitel system was the only one that stood up to the challenge at the on-site testing. The system also had to have a low-level interface to the access control system.


Zenitel’s IP communication solution was chosen because it provides voice, image and data links via the standard ethernet network architecture, allowing the integration of all streams into one cohesive solution.

The system can provide full Open Duplex communication while eliminating all background noise, ensuring that the message is received loud and clear, reducing the need to repeat parts of critical conversations with the introduction of the Turbine station range. The sound quality is even higher after years of active development and by using Zenitel’s world leading solutions, STENTOFON Communications Australia was able to achieve a world-first with the Zenitel Turbine Series, an intercom solution with effective open duplex capabilities at output levels up to 95 dB. Whilst Open Duplex is not new, it had never been successfully implemented at levels above 95 dB, strengthening STENTOFON Communication Australia’s position as a true leader in critical communications systems implementation.

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