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Serverless IP Intercom / PA

Embedded – Distributed – Scalable

IC-EDGE is an intelligent communication platform embedded on every single Zenitel IP Device. This also includes the server, which runs this platform, so no external hardware is needed.

Because Zenitel products are equipped with rather powerful CPUs they can distribute the processing power over all the units in the IC-EDGE system and process audio at the edge with smart software algorithms for Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Active Noise Reduction and Automated Volume Control.

As your communication needs might change and grow over time, so can IC-EDGE. As it is highly scalable, it grows with your needs, gradually, so you can spread your investment over time.

Reduce installation time and cost

Setup a Zenitel IC-EDGE system directly using a Web-Browser or use their dedicated configuration tool to discover, update and configure stations in bulk.

Open and Transparent

Introducing the IC-EDGE™ series

The next-generation Intelligent Communication System that delivers unrivaled, out-of-the-box sound quality, interoperability, security and ease of use.

This new serverless  platform  (VS-IS V5.xx) now allows for:

  • VS Devices: 32 – NO LICENSE
  • VS -Clients: 10 – NO LICENSE
  • Multisite Trunking: 50 – NO LICENSE
  • System Capacity: 2,100 – NO LICENSE
Enterprise Level Communication Platform
  • Elevate IC-EDGE to an Enterprise Level Communication Platform
  • Connect up to 50 EDGE systems in a networked communication.
  • Enable SDK Support so you can embed IC-EDGE in your own software applications.