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Emergency & Information Points

Zenitel stations offer, arguably, the best voice reproduction available on the market. All of the stations and help points are easy to use – once a call has been placed, speech can be made handsfree.

Linking Sites Large facilities such as universities, parking houses, airports, et al, often consist of several buildings and cover vast premises. Information points spread all over these grounds provide essential services to anyone in need of information. The staff can report irregularities and the passengers can obtain relevant information.

Immediate Response However, in a very similar approach, emergency stanchions can be installed throughout the premises. The main difference here lies in the fact that the emergency stations are configured to immediately override the system so that they get through to the guard room instantly. A red button is often used to indicate the emergency role of the station. The button will be integrated with a CCTV camera which is directly connected to the station. This means that whenever the button is pushed, the guard instantly sees and hears what is going on.

Crystal Clear Voice Emergency points play a crucial role in providing an early warning system, and because it has crystal clear two-way communication, much vital information is collected by the guardroom. It is in these areas of applications that Zenitel products stand out. The stations are made of the highest quality and can sustain the toughest environments. When they are activated, they will operate even though they may have been unused for many years.

Chain of Events With Zenitel, it is possible to integrate these products with paging, e-mail, SMS, et al. When an emergency occurs, as much information as possible is collected and distributed. The system will not only inform the entire facility of the emergency, but also guide the people safely through the event.