Audio Recording

Vingtor-STENTOFON products are designed to make Audio Recording simple.  All Turbine devices support RTSP streaming of the audio (and video) to a compatible solution.

For our ICX-AlphaCom platform, recording is achieved through the use of SIP Active Recording, whereby as each communication instance is started, a SIP Call is initiated to the Voice Recorder, containing the Audio and call metadata.

The Call Recorder can be the Vingtor-STENTOFON Recorder application, or it could be one of a number of compatible third party solutions.



  • SIP-based active recording for AlphaCom
  • Easy installation – just connect recorder server to IP network
  • Records conversations involving any type of terminal connected to AlphaCom
  • Records conversations, group/all calls, and conference calls
  • Enterprise, Standard and Lite versions – scales well for environments with different recording capacity and playback needs
  • RSA digitally signed audio and metadata – enables detection of tampering
  • Fully featured audio playback client
  • Search on call metadata