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What is OPC

OPC is a standards based interface for process control machines.  It provides a simple and consistent method of sharing information.

The ICX-AlphaCom supports OPC as a method for sharing call detail with Access Control and Building Management systems from manufacturers such as Honeywell and Siemens.

This allows for tightly integrated solutions whereby the Access Control and Building Management solutions have full control over the Intercom System for such things as

  •                Call Setup and Teardown
  •                Station Emulation
  •                Paging and Messaging
  •                Faults and Errors
  • OPC is a technology running on a Windows PC (Microsoft OPC)
  • “Open Platform Communications”
  • Standard for building automation
  • OPC aims to standardise the communication between hardware in the field and controlling software
    • Reduce implementation time and cost of system integration
    • Easy and fast configuration
  • OPC is supported by many companies
    • Examples are Siemens MM8000, Honeywell EBI, Bosch BIS, IndigoVision