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Rail Infrastructure Solutions

Zenitel offers integrated audio communication solutions for on-board and infrastructure segments of the rail network with proven solutions for Rolling stock, Platforms, Main concourse and ticket hall areas, as well as Trackside and Control Centers.

Benefits of using Zenitel for Public Address

Zenitel have 100+ years of experience in delivering commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) end devices for Public Address and Intercom Solutions.

Full compliance with open standard protocols such as SIP and SNMP enables effortless integration of our audio solutions with other subsystems such as PIS, Intercom, CCTV, GSM-R, etc.

With our communication solutions, you have the technology that lets your staff respond quickly and efficiently to incidents in real-time, thereby helping to elevate the security of staff and infrastructure at all times.

“Integrator’s Choice” in making turn-key solutions

An example of being “integrator’s choice” is the new Exigo Public Address system, designed according EN 54-16. Being a native IP system, the competitive advantage is networking over long distances, like the ones found in Rail & Metro, without loss of any functionality, using standard layer 3 and 4 protocol switches in the multi-service network.

Being native IP also means that virtually any internal part of the system can be fully monitored at all times. We have been able to reduce the amount of hardware by replacing all unnecessary parts by software, hence decreasing the chance of hardware failure while enabling your customers to keep spare part stock levels at a minimum.

The reason for still keeping a hardware controller in the system is in consideration to the EN 54 / NFPA 72 requirements for public address / voice evacuation.

While keeping hardware parts at a minimum, the system is able to cover requirements ranging from independent PA systems to fully integrated solutions with no limitations on system size or geographical distribution.

The systems support open integration standards like SIP, SNMP, SMPT, NTP, Syslog, G.722 and much more. We offer easy to use APIs/SDKs and OPC in order to make the job of the integrator as easy as possible.

Popular Solutions

Our most popular solutions for stationary installation are as follows:

  • Zenitel Exigo: IP Public Address System (PA) for stations offering unlimited networking capabilities. Suitable as stand-alone or for those who want to integrate to a complete passenger information system (CIS/PIS). Standard SDK/API offered.
  • Zenitel Turbine: IP Emergency Call Points (ECP) offering crystal clear audio with ambient noise cancelling feature, open duplex, automatic volume control and automatic gain control, and official SIP compliance with Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Avaya + many more. We also offer our own redundant (warm-standby) Operational Telephony Server – Zenitel AlphaCom. We also offer EN 50155 compliant SIP ECPs for on-board rolling stock, as well as ECP modules for lifts and Blue Light Stations (BLS).
  • PA & ECP integration with Digital Radio (e.g. TETRA): This means you can make local PA announcements from the radio at the scene and receive PA announcements on the radio. As a Motorola Application partner, we are Motorola specialists.
Rail Infrastructure Solution Sheet