Mass Notification

A Mass Notification System must be able to:

  • Provide an alert to the population as quickly as possible
  • Alert and inform people in multiple areas
  • Provide door lock-down for vulnerable or targeted areas
  • Provide communications under conditions such as a downed telephone service.

Vingtor-STENTOFON products provide the voice for these systems, with a range of Intercom and Public Address solutions that enable both 1 way and bi-directional communication between the Control Room and the public.  High power Amplifiers and alarm speakers provide very high sound pressure levels to distribute announcements over vast distances. Interfaces such as SIP allow disparate systems such as the Telephony system to be included in these audio announcements.

Turbine Extended IP Kit

This little box allows you to build your own dedicated intercom station. It is also very popular as a VoIP Interface to analog Public Address and Radio Systems. It has two ethernet ports, so you can daisy chain it to another IP device to reduce cabling costs.

IP & SIP Video Intercom

Our most popular station series to date is now available with Video. The TCIV-3 station adds a video component to the crystal-clear audio quality the Vingtor-Stentofon product line is known for.

IP Touch Station w/Video

This Android-based IP Touch Screen master station offers HD video, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for a better user experience. The ITSV-1 unit provided by us will register in PULSE without the need of a SIP station license.

ECPIR-3P Turbine Intercom

This is our dedicated IP PA Call Panel. The simple, yet smart design makes this unit ideal for very cost-efficient IP Public Address Systems. It offers 3 pre-programmable buttons and a PTT button.